Alumni Assoaciation

Gurudev arts and science college has a registered alumni association in the year 2021 which aims at establishing a close contact and friendship among old students with a view to undertaking various social, cultural and academic activities.
The college conducts departmental level alumni meets every year. The first college level organised alumni meet was conducted on 26/ 11/ 2020.
ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, GURUDEV ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE, Mathil is now officially registered under 'Societies Registration Act XX1, 1860, Registration No. KNR/CA/114/2021 on march 24, 2021.

Alumni Members

Sl no Name Designation
1 Aneesh K President
2 Anju Krishna Vice President
3 Vachas Chandran Secretrary
4 Keerthana B Krishnan Joint Secretary
5 Akshaya P Treasurer