BSc Mathamatics


Bsc Mathematics is an undergraduate degree in the domain of mathematical studies the course aimes at providing knowledge about disciplines of maths such as calculus, Difefrentiation, Integration Linear Programming e.t.c It is a three year professional degree coursepursued by aspirants willing to make career in the mathematical domain and related disciplines.

The syllabus of BSc Mathematics course are designed in such a way that they primarily focus on developing mathematical skills in algebra, calculus and data analysis. BSc Mathamatics course is an amalgamation of in-depth knowledge of geometry trigonometry, calculus and other theories. it also explores related topics like Physics and statistics. This degree course helps students in building a good foundation base for pursuing higher students.


Benefits of BSc Mathematics

  • Mathamatics degree graduates are respected for their excellent quantitative and problem solving abilities and win a wide range of rewarding positions in the public and private sectors.


After the graduation from a BSc Mathematics degree we can pursue courses like MCA, MSc IT actuarial sciences. MBA or MSc Mathematics. there has been an increase in the number of students studying mathematics being employed in banking , finance, insuranceand risk management. And also there are various opportunities in the government organizations need mathematicians to solve sophisticated mathematical problems related to their respective research areas of space, defense and aeronautics.

Programme Subsidiaries Eligibility Duration
BSc Mathematics Statistics Physics A pass in Higher secondary examination of the state or An examination accepted by The university in science steam With a minimum of 50% marks Secured in mathematics 3 Years