Patron Message

His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas (Catholic Bishop of Bathery Diocese) Patron & Manager


Gurudev College, founded in 2002 by Gurudev Educational Trust, has grown into one of the leading institutions of higher education not only in the Northern Kerala but in the whole state. Syro Malankara Catholic Diocese of Bathery, the management owned the college in June 2012, and thereafter this centre of learning emerged as an eminent institution with high esteem.

The vocation of human being is to exit and to excel, to grow and flourish, to form and transform the world. Education is the best avenue to realize this call. Education also means enlightenment. We have to be enlightened and in turn, become the light of the world. A well educated person is a wholesome person, with intellectual, physical, psychological, social, moral and spiritual well-being. Education is considered as one of the most potent instruments of peaceful social change and development.

Gurudev College stands for academic excellence, development of skills and creation of young gentlemen in the society. Excellence in educational performance and ethics in social norms have marked the high reputation of this institution. Great educational institutions are not built by money and bricks, but by talented students and competent teachers. The quality of the faculty, students and the vision and dedication of the management are the most important determinant of the prestige of an education institution.

We are living in a knowledge society that is nurtured by its diversity and its capacities. Gurudev College is a knowledge institution and the main objective of the college is to create and generate new knowledge. For this, we have visionary, innovative and professional leadership in the college. Besides, we follow a scientific evaluation system- Diachronic, Diacritical and Dialogic- for measuring the growth and development of the institution. A knowledge institution differs from an information institution, in that the former serves to transform information into resources that helps human being to take effective action for transfiguration while the latter only creates and disseminates the raw data. Gurudev College differs from other colleges because it is a knowledge centre, not an information centre. The college marches forward with enhanced vigour and vitality, upholding the motto, “Lighted to Lighten”.

I express my deep sense of appreciation to the former Managers, Principals, the present Principal, CEO, Bursar, the present teaching and non-teaching faculty, students for their unfailing support and whole hearted co-operation.

Finally, I thank God Almighty for His Abundant Blessings.